Shipping information


All Oscille mobiles are made to order, so please allow a week before I send your mobile off to you.

Approximate shipping times are:
2-3 days within the Czech Republic (pick ups from my studio in Prague, Vinohrady, also possible)
1-2 weeks to Europe
2-3 weeks for the US and the rest of the world.

Shipping costs are:
3.50 euros to the Czech Republic
6 euros to Europe
8 euros to rest of world 

How to hang a mobile?

Each mobile is supplied with an adhesive, transparent plastic ceiling hook, meaning you won't need to drill into the ceiling.

Step 1: Unwrap your mobile, laying it out on a flat surface, being careful not to tangle the different parts together.

Step 2: Find the perfect spot to hang your mobile, where it can rotate freely, without obstruction.

Step 3: Ensure the surface from which the mobile will hang is clean and free of dust. Affix the adhesive strip to the ceiling, and the plastic hook to the adhesive strip.

Step 4: Your mobile comes with a little brass hook attached to a long piece of string. Tie the string supplied to the ceiling hook, adjusting it to the height you'd like the mobile to hang from - with the brass hook hanging down.

Step 5: Carefully pick up your mobile from its top axis, and slip the top little ring onto the brass hook. Sit back and enjoy its ever-changing composition!

Note that you could also hang your mobile from a shelf or an alcove.

How will the brass change over time?

The brass shapes and brass tubing have been polished and coated in a protective wax for durability. If your mobile is kept out of reach and isn't handled too much, the brass should keep its warm golden colour for years. However, it could start to reveal a slight patina in the longer term.

Can I display my mobile outside?

Please only hang your mobile up indoors, well away from water and humidity.

Please note

Keep your mobile out of reach of little hands and heads, and don't hang your mobile directly above a baby or child's bed. Oscille mobiles aren't toys (unfortunately!) and some designs have sharp edges.

Any other questions?

Feel free to get in touch with me on Instagram or by email: oscille.co@gmail.com